My personal work showing landscape photography of West Clare Ireland


Photographing the West Coast of Clare is an ongoing project for me, and to capture the essence of this stretch of coastline is the most challenging assignment I have met. I have spent many days traipsing up and down the coast, and came away with nothing. But every so often, it comes together, and you capture a little bit of the magic, and this is what keeps bringing me back. Here are few of my efforts at revealing the West Coast of Clare.

Fanore Co. Clare Ireland

Fanore, Co. Clare

Fanore Co. Clare Ireland

Fanore Co. Clare

Castle Point, Co. Clare Ireland

Castle Head, Co. Clare


Kilkee, Clare Landscape Photography

Pollock Holes Kilkee Co. Clare Ireland.


Geroges Head, Kilkee Co. Clare

Geroge’s Head, Kilkee Co. Clare


Bridges of Ross, Co. Clare Ireland

Bridges of Ross, Co. Clare Ireland


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